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We talked about that a little bit.

Pasa tu música, vídeos y fotos desde el iPod/iPhone al Mac, y viceversa

You can open Boot Camp Help if you need to. Boot Camp Assistant helps perform a few tasks that are needed before the installer can begin. First, we need to create a Windows 7 or later install disk. Beacon 71 We're going to do this on a flash drive.

These two options can be either downloaded and done individually, or together. I've selected to do them together and I've actually already done this process. What happens is, it will go out and the first thing you have to do is download the Windows ISO. You can do that from the Microsoft website. Beacon 72 First of all, remember that Windows technically isn't free, but it is free if you already have a product ID.

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If you do already have a product ID and you are upgrading, then it is free. Maybe you've purchased a product ID. You need to do one or the other. There is an option in the middle of the page here. Beacon 73 If you would like to create a USB drive, you can click the option here. It'll go through the process of helping you pick the additions you want and then download that ISO, then you can put it on a flash drive.

I've already done that.

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That process has already been done. We already did these two options and then the same time downloaded the Windows support files. Beacon 74 The next option that we have is to install Windows 7 or later on our computer here and we are going to do that. So, click Continue and then we need to specify how big we want the Windows partition.

This physically is going to take up some space on your internal hard drive. Notice here, we've got a slider.

It has to be at least 32 gigs inside. That is as small as we can make it. Beacon 75 Then, we can move the slider bigger. Notice, your internal drive will increase or decrease, depending on the size. We can just leave it at where we want it and then just hit Install. You are going to need administrator privileges in order to perform this install. Beacon 76 We'll go ahead and put in our username and password.

It is partitioning the disc. This will take a little bit of time. It will go through, it will partition the disc, it will install the support files that we need. Then, you'll need to reboot the machine and it will reboot with that Windows partition — the primary boot partition; and then, you'll physically go through the Windows and start.

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From there on out, it will look like we're installing Windows on a PC. So, that is Boot Camp. We can use this with multiple desktops. I've already been running it. Here, I am going to click on the system preferences options. This takes me into the system preferences for Mission Control.

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Beacon 78 This gives you an overview of all of your open Windows, thumbnails, full-screen applications, and allow you to arrange them in different ways. The first option is to automatically rearrange Spaces based on the most recent views. I have enabled to display the dashboard as a space. Beacon 79 That is this option here. The dashboard is showing up as a space. Then, I have three other spaces and it's going to arrange them based on the applications that are used the most that are currently open in that space.

Beacon 80 The second option is when switching to an application switch to a space with open Windows for that application. For example, if I was going to switch to my iTunes, then it will switch to that space, because that application is already open. You can see here, I'm now looking at Desktop 2. If I was going to switch to my browser, then it would switch to space Desktop 3. Beacon 81 Within the spaces themselves, these can be rearranged.

You can click and drag them. You could also, if you wanted to, open a new application. I'm opening up photos here. Notice that I'm still on desktop 3, but I could drag and create a new space. I can drag and create a new space with photos. You can create new spaces all the time. I'm go ahead and close this application. Beacon 82 I'm going to switch back to our Mission Control. This feature — Dashboard As a Space — is what enables us to see the dashboard.

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Something else that we have here tied in Mission Control is what we call Hot Corners. Hot Corners is nice. We can specify the corners of our desktop to do different things. Beacon 83 I currently have it set up so that the upper left hand corner of my screen will show my desktop. If I move my mouse up here to this upper left hand corner, everything will slide out of the way and I would just see my desktop, because I may have applications and folders on there that I want to access.

Security Task Manager - Descargar

If I want to see my applications back, I move my mouse away and move it back, and then I've got the Window I had there. Beacon 84 Dashboard is on the left-hand side. The launch pad is on the right. The upper left is the notification bar, or the notification center. Beacon 85 That is Hot Corners.

You can see there's a number of different ways that you can use Mission Control, Desktop Spaces, and Hot Corners to help us organize our screen and save real estate. It helps us work much more efficiently. It gets periodic updates. It is also possible that not all features will have been tested thoroughly. A few bugs would probably have been identified after the release of the software.

A few security vulnerabilities would have been identified that you need to fix. Any software vendor releases patches or updates periodically so that issues that have been identified are fixed and passed onto users. Beacon 87 Also, the vendors keep adding on features incrementally and pass them on to the users in updates.

instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado Instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado
instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado Instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado
instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado Instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado
instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado Instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado
instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado Instalar aplicaciones mac desarrollador no identificado

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