If your mac wont turn on

When your Mac or MacBook is dead, all hope is not lost

Nonetheless, I advise people to run through this set of attempts first, since disk recovery can be expensive.

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One other path to take, if the drive has corrupted data but will mount and can be repaired by Disk Utility, is a data-recovery app. We reviewed Disk Drill 2 about 18 months ago, and it could be the ticket in some cases. Please also remember to make regular backups via Time Machine, an online host, cloning software, or, preferably a combination of all three. After 10 to 20 min I gave the cable and plug a wiggle and the computer fired up.

Thanks andre. Is it getting better or….. Even when I type exit it keeps doing that. And what is weird when I installed El Capitan it went smoothly. This all happened when my computer suddenly froze, but I still was able to make it restart and that is when I got the screen with the apple and the progress bar that goes until the end and then nothing happens.

I believe I had downloaded an update. My mac is showing s white screen , loading but it failed to open I tried all the steps provided it failed , am scared loosing my data and songs gir my clients. What should I do? Hello I am having to same issue with my MacBook! I thought it was going to restart on its own, but it did not.

I had just finished playing league of legends. Idk if that has anything to do with it, but I want to be able to use it.

macOS Catalina problems: How to fix all known issues

This was the case with mine. In the end I bit the bullet and took it to a certified Apple service centre who plugged it in ran some tests and told me what I already knew, that the problem was going to be expensive to fix as a new logic board was required. The next bit surprised me!

I was told that the repair would be for free!! I bought mine second hand, late 15inch model and the warranty had long expired so I had to ask again. Hope this helps someone. Hi John, Thank you so much. We have posted this notice on the front page of the site for all the readers.

We really appreciate you sharing this important tip!. Cheers, AppleToolBox. I can mount my hd and am already lucky I got my data saved but with all the tips not restart the sucker. I tried the safe boot and it worked immediately!

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Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I got stuck like this following an El Capitan update. Thanks very much for your help! Definitely suggest you try this. Hope it works for you too. I have a MBP Ive tried all of the solutions I appreciate all of you who posted these! I tried all of these multiple times and unfortunately none of them worked. All roads led to the frozen tundra white screen:.

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Q1: Besides buying a sledge hammer, has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have stepped into the world of Apple because the problems with Windows OS. Until now I were very happy, but unfortunately I upgrade my working machine with OS Now I have an unuseful computer. My mac did not boot for a month. I am thinking to throw away my mac. Bad move from Apple!!! While it was on and I was using it as normal surfing the internet, etc , the screen went black not completely off, it was still lit, but with black color , and wouldnt respond.

I powered down by holding the power button for a few seconds. So I got startup chime, apple logo, then white screen. I tried safe mode and it starts up in safe mode, but still not in normal mode.

How to fix a Mac that won’t shut down

I tried resetting the pram, nothing. Any ideas? I tried number 1 three times it did not work.

I tried number 2 three times it did not work. I tried number 3 three times and on the 3rd try it is up and running. Before I did steps I did the command S I did not type the info described above I just typed exit. I hope it continues to work. So what I found out worked was we had to erase the entire disk, then when I verified it, it was fixed.

How to Fix Unresponsive Black Screen

So I restarted the computer and we got this flashing image of a folder with a question mark. From there is was easy going. We did have to erase the hard drive, but our computer is alive!!! When in the reinstall IOS window, select the disk you just erased. I have the exact same problem, I just found out about it 5 minutes ago.

Ensure It Has Power

I have tried every solution on this thread with no luck. I have a MacBook Pro running mavericks. I am getting white screen, apple sign, spinning circle and a loading bar below that. Nothin loads, and after a few minutes it turns off even with the charger plugged in. Anyone else with the same model and year found a solution?

Last night my computer start acting up so I had to tune off manually, since then my screen stay blue. I have try 1 and it worked but what do I need to do to get back to my normal screen?

So I decided to leave a comment because this was the web page that helped me the most. So thank you to everyone for sharing your tips. I have a Macbook pro I tried them hundreds of times and finally got it to start with command R, after I did it like 20 times haha. But my laptop kept freezing, and I would have to power off and I probably have gotten that white screen like 4 times since.

And thats when I found a new trick. I am not a computer person so if this is bad for it then sorry. So my trick is, when you get the white screen, leave it, leave your laptop on, take out the charger, and let your laptop die with the white screen on.

What to Do When Your Mac Won't Turn On

And you should hear the fans going as you let it die. Once you think it died, start it up without the charger to make sure it is completely out of charge. Then put the charger back in, and start it up like usual. It has worked for me every single time it happened.

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if your mac wont turn on If your mac wont turn on
If your mac wont turn on

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