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For non-GoFlex drives, Windows does not support the Macintosh file system and it cannot be read. Data corruption will be prevalent when using FAT32 over an extended period of time in a Macintosh. Using a third-party disk utility that allows you to see Macintosh formatted volumes is an alternative to using FAT32 file system for the external hard drive.

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When you format your external hard drive, it should be formatted for Mac OS Extended. If you are transferring data from an OS 10 system to an OS 9 computer, or trying to access the data through OS 9 with a drive formatted through OS 10 , you will need to have installed OS 9 driverswhen you erase the drive. Otherwise, transferring data between OS 10 operating systems should work.

How to boot & use an external hard drive on new mac minis

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How To Make Any External Hard Drive Mac Compatible

Data Security. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Make sure to add the number or digit assigned to this drive at the end, in place of the underscore. Remember to use the disk identifier number that associated with your drive in place of the underscore.

Please see this article for details on how to grant the Terminal app access to your full disk. In a nutshell, Console displays log information that helps you or a service provider troubleshoot problems on your Mac. The console utility lets you know if your external USB devices are detected and if there are any errors. If Console shows that nothing happened and no errors pop up, then your problem is not the USB device. Many readers have recently reported that they are experiencing slow down issues with their external drives after updating to macOS Mojave.

If you are experiencing issues with your external drives after updating to macOS Mojave, your best bet is to reset the SMC and then try connecting to the external drive. Now, try to connect the external drive and see if it is more responsive with your macOS Mojave based Mac. A lot of Mac users and lovers recommend using the third-party app Kext Utility to solve their problems recognizing external drives.

For macOS users, make sure you run the latest version. Sadly, Macs not recognizing external drives is nothing new. For most of her professional life, Amanda Elizabeth Liz for short trained all sorts of folks on how to use media as a tool to tell their own unique stories. She knows a thing or two about teaching others and creating how-to guides! Elizabeth received her Master of Fine Arts degree in media making from Temple University, where she also taught undergrads as an adjunct faculty member in their department of Film and Media Arts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Not even mentioning the supposedly superior Mac for photos that almost burn out every time I try and download the camera pictures to it. My 8-year-old PC worked better than this. Worst upgrade in a computer ever! Hello, my imac 6. Please advise how should I proceed to achieve the aim.

1. Format to FAT32

What if the drive only flashes when plugged in no matter how you do it? Also it does not show up in disk utility. When the drive is flashing, it usually means your Mac is running through a series of check to mount the drive. Try using Terminal to eject the disk, then shut down your Mac, wait seconds and unplug the external drive from the Mac, and power your Mac back on.

Wait for your Mac to fully boot, then reconnect the drive to your Mac and see if it now recognizes it. I have an external lexar ssd mb that I usually use on my MacBook Pro. Suddenly yesterday when I restarted my laptop the disk stop showing up. I tried disk utility but the lexar is not showing up too. I tried the console and not showing up. Then I connect the drive to my old iMac with Sierra, and the disk mounts and shows up.

How to access an external hard drive that's not showing up on Mac

Tried to format again, only appears on Sierra and not mojave. Also appears in windows but not mojave. Does anyone has a solution? Also, what format are you choosing to initialize the drive with? That drive for Mac should work out of the box with no formatting required. It might work. Hi, many thanks for all this great info. The hard drive powers up normally with no weird noises and has a continue white light no flashing and as far as I can see all is normal.

But for some reason, it is not showing up in Disk Utility, Terminal or Console. Thanks for getting back to me. If you have quick access to another Mac, I would try connecting the drive and see if another Mac picks up the drive using System Report or elsewhere. Close all apps 2.

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Shut down the Mac 3. Once powered off, connect the drive and if available, connect the drive to its own power source 4. Power up the Mac 5. Remember to try multiple ports on the Mac—just in case there is a problem with a port. If the problem replicates on another Mac, then the problem is likely some hardware issue in the drive itself—perhaps a loose cable or some other issue.

Hello, I read this article, you described so deeply. If disk already mounted and system goes to sleep, it also powers down ports, including USB ports.

2. If You Need a One-Time Fix

It is very bad when you need to transfer something right then. It can be risk that on the external drives which means you cannot transfer what you need between devices at all. I did not know why this happen then I searched and found that it happens because multiple reasons like faulty cable, damage USB port, file system corruption, and so on.

One more point, I would like to share about data recovery software.

Fixing an external hard drive that’s not showing up on Mac

During research I found that there are software available online that are very helpful if some lost data during this update, they can recover easily. I read reviews and most of them suggested Stellar Data Recovery. I used free demo to check and found better result.

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