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It will transform the cursor into a magnified lens.

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Click anywhere to pick the color. The close button likewise is inactive. In order to close the color picker, you have to tap the Escape key. A part from this one quirk, the color picker works like any other app. If you have the time, you can change the icon of the AppleSript app you created and make the color picker in macOS easier to identify in the launchpad.

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Launch, roll over the color you want to match, […]. After wondering how I was ever going to select a colour-picker, I was delighted and amazed to discover this sitting right here on my Mac, waiting to be found. So close! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Name required. The same applies for the Digital Color Meter app.

Set the popup to display in sRGB - and it will show also the same numbers. So, both of the above works, just need use the same color profile. I picked a color. I set a box to be that color.

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I sampled the box. I set the box to be that precise slightly darker color. I sampled the box again, and got a third, still darker, color. I even tried with a few builtin, Apple-brand apps, in case they're doing their toxic vendor lock-in stuff again, and I got the exact same results. All on the default, built-in display that came attached to the Macbook.

The same thing happened with both methods. If you call that "working", sure, I guess it works. NicHartley Honestly, do not understand fully your comment, but as you can see in the attached screenshot, the sampled colors has the same rgb values set manually ,,50 and later in the samplings. Could you write some "how to reproduce" the "don't work"?

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Like as I added the correct way of setting for sampling. Simply, you can't mix together different color profiles.

See my previous comment and the screenshot - how to set the sRGB for your display. I've been using it for ages, and it still works fine in Mavericks.

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  • Since it uses the Mac's color pickers it means you can also use any of the various additional color pickers out on the web, such as: Matthew Frederick Matthew Frederick 5, 2 19 Just Color Picker It is a free app in the app store. Very simple and straight to the point. Love it. Atais 4 7. I have it on both Windows and Mac - works like a charm.. Color Addict Color Addict GEdgar GEdgar 2, 1 9 Also useful is this W3Schools.

    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac
    find hex color code mac Find hex color code mac

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