Wipe my computer clean mac

Before we begin: Backup your Mac
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We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Read More. However, cloud backups almost always require a paid subscription. If you only have a small amount of files, you might look at syncing your most important files to Google Drive or other cloud storage. Another alternative is copying your vital folders to a USB flash drive.

Create a backup

Whatever you choose to do, remember that this process will erase everything on your Mac. Before you proceed, you should also take the time to log out apps on your computer. Services like Adobe Creative Cloud limit the amount of installations you can use, so you should sign out to avoid wasting one on a non-existent system. Choose your account on the left sidebar and choose Sign Out.

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  7. Before You Start: Back Up!.

This will work on any Mac running OS X Shut down your Mac. Continue holding these keys until you see the Apple logo. This runs the recovery environment from the internet instead of a partition on your hard drive.

How to Clean & Erase a Mac Mini | vireledraysran.tk

Then wait a bit while your computer downloads the recovery environment. When using internet Recovery mode, the system may reinstall a different version of macOS than you were using. Mine installed Mavericks, even though I was running Lion to start with. To do this, select Disk Utility from the menu. Note the difference between a reset of the Mac and a simple reinstall of system software: The initial erase and data removal process is how this primarily differs from simply reinstalling OS X system software on the Mac without formatting the Mac to begin with, which would maintain files and apps and user data, whereas the factory reset completely removes everything and starts fresh.

This will completely erase everything on the Mac, no personal files will remain, no apps, nothing, the Mac will be completely formatted and wiped clear, and the only thing left will be the factory reset stock version of MacOS or Mac OS X system software, just as if the Mac was new.

Be sure you backup any and all personal files and data that you care about before starting this process, if you do not back up your personal data and files they will be permanently lost as this process erases the Mac and resets the computer to factory default settings. Do not skip backups of your stuff! If you want to completely erase the Mac and get a factory reset Mac OS X version that is blank and back to default settings as if the computer was brand new, this is the process to achieve that.

This will reset Mac to the factory default version of Mac OS X on the computer, everything else will be removed in the process.

How to erase your old MacBook before selling it

In the Messages app, click the Messages menu, click Preferences , then click Accounts. Select your iMessage account, then click Sign Out.

Optionally, remove the settings from your Mini of any Bluetooth devices for which it might be paired. Click the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Click Bluetooth. Hover the mouse pointer over the device s you want to unpair.

An " x " button appears when you do; click it to unpair the device. After you perform these steps, you'll need a wired USB keyboard and mouse to use the Mini. Restart your Mac Mini and hold down the Command-R keys while it's booting back up. This opens the desktop with a macOS Utilities window in the middle. If you see any other screen — like a login screen or your usual desktop — that means you didn't hold down Command-R soon enough or long enough. Try again. When the Utilities window appears.

Step One: Boot From Recovery Mode, or an Installer

Click Disk Utility in the Utilities window. Select Macintosh HD and click Erase to erase the data on your hard drive.

wipe my computer clean mac Wipe my computer clean mac
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wipe my computer clean mac Wipe my computer clean mac
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