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So here's what I've had to do to use rsync on OSX and exclude a directory It should be BASH. GJStPierre Jun 24, at God, I wish I could use robocopy.

6 rsync Examples to Exclude Multiple Files and Directories using exclude-from

Sorry, but none of these are working, it just always copies that directory. Thanks for your help though! Mike Jun 24, at AndrewZ Jun 26, at GJStPierre Jun 27, at Alright, on my test OSX Pure Capsaicin. Scott Alan Miller Jun 27, at This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these next Delete it and try again. If you're doing everything right, then you may be dealing with an rsync version mismatch. Research that on the rsync mailing lists, or post a query there yourself. You might have to build and install a newer version on the G4.

Sep 3, So its can't be a version on the G4. Sep 5, 5: One gneral update.

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After reading a few responses here, and reading elsewhere, and some experimentation, i tried the following:. Oddly, i'm making progress and that's making me even more confused. The syntax of the wo looks identical, so i simply don't get it.

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I'll also ask again, if maybe rcp would be a better choice. I dont modify that many files, and my network is fast.

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  7. Wht i'm finding is that the remote compare -especially on older servers and the dog-slow NAS drive, take forver. Maybe its easier to just copy them- since Sep 5, 6: If you want to try rcp, then try it and compare.

    macos - Rsync include, exclude and filters - Stack Overflow

    As Linc has indicated, rcp will just blindly copy everything, so unless you are manually excluding the files you do not want to copy, I do not see how rcp would be faster. I have to read and re-read "man rsync" everytime I want to setup an include or exclude, and then I test it generally with a small test case repeatedly until I have it working the way I want, and then I let the script do its job. Thanks again, Bob. FYI I mistyped your suggested so i dont know if it works or not. Can you explain the significance of:. I suppose i need to read the rcp man pages. I suspected it would have a version of an exclude command or a "differential" command just as xcopy does in dos, and as does rsync.

    Maybe not.

    Copy a folder of files excluding certain files on Mac terminal

    I was trying to avoid processor intensive inspection of the files -a simple data delta would do fine. I am truly frustrated. You do see that two [apparently] identical commands are performing differently, right? Sep 5, 9: We need to use —exclude option. We can either put a specific file name or something more general with the asterisk. For example, this one below exclude all hidden files or directories from the copying.

    Also, we should notice that, just like cp, copying folders using rsync should put -r.

    Extra question

    If we only want to exclude a folder called bin, we then should. Now that we successfully excluded all hidden files or certain files.

    Linux/Mac Terminal Tutorial: How To Use The rsync Command - Sync Files Locally and Remotely

    What if I still want the files but not the folders? Like the command below,.

    mac os x rsync exclude Mac os x rsync exclude
    mac os x rsync exclude Mac os x rsync exclude
    mac os x rsync exclude Mac os x rsync exclude
    mac os x rsync exclude Mac os x rsync exclude
    mac os x rsync exclude Mac os x rsync exclude

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