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You should note that as part of the installation procedure, EViews will prompt you to register files with the extensions. PRG, and. If these extensions are already registered, possibly by an earlier version of EViews, you will be prompted to allow EViews 7 to override the existing registration. Registering the extensions will allow you to double-click on files with these extensions to launch EViews 7. Once the installation procedure is completed, click on Finish.

If you have elected to create it, the EViews Start Menu folder will open. To launch EViews, double-click on the EViews 7 icon. Subsequently, you may launch EViews using the shortcut on your desktop or by selecting EViews from the Start Menu shortcuts, if present, by double-clicking on EViews registered file types, or by navigating to the EViews installation directory and double-clicking on the EViews icon. Click on the EViews 7 Student Version. Double-click on the file to launch the installer. The installer will lead you step-by-step through the installation procedure. First, you will be prompted to read and accept the License Agreement.

Click on Continue and then Agree to accept the terms of the license. Next, you must designate a location into which you wish to install your copy of EViews. By default, the installer will install the program into the Applications folder on your primary hard drive. If you have a more than one attached hard drive and wish to change the default, click on Change Install Location Click on Install and enter your Mac user-password to copy the EViews files to your hard drive in the specified location.

EViews will proceed to copy the files to the installation location. Note that the reported installation time may not be accurate. Once the installation procedure is completed, click on Close. To locate your EViews installation, click on the Applications folder in your Dock, or use Finder to navigate to the installation location. To facilitate subsequent launching of the EViews program or access to the folder, you may drag the EViews icon or folder and drop it on your Dock. Registering EViews What is Registration? To use EViews 7 Student Version on a specific computer, you must first register the program using the serial number provided with this guide or your textbook bundle.

This is a simple process that can be performed in a few seconds.

The first time EViews is run on a new machine, you will be prompted to register your copy for that machine. On a Windows machine, you may choose to do so immediately, or you can put off registration to a later date, but you must register the copy within 14 days of installation. If you delay registration, you will be prompted to register the copy every time you launch EViews. The Mac version of EViews requires you to register your copy on the machine prior to using the program.

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The Student Version license restricts use to a single machine by a single user. However, we permit a Student Version serial number one beginning with E70 to be used to register EViews on two machines. If you have exceptional circumstances which require registration on additional machines, please contact our office. Once registered on a given machine, EViews Student Version will run for two 2 years from your first registration. The copy of EViews may be uninstalled and reinstalled on a registered machine, updated, or moved to a different directory without reregistering the copy for that machine.

In the special case where a machines hard disk is wiped clean, but no other changes are made to the system, you may simply reregister your copy of EViews. Note that in this circumstance, reregistration on the machine will not count as an additional registration. How Do I Register? Before starting the registration process, you should first locate the EViews serial number that is provided with this guide or provided as part of your textbook bundle.

You may need to enter this number into EViews during the registration procedure. Next, you should launch EViews as described above. If the copy of EViews is not registered, EViews will display a warning dialog. The dialog will inform you that EViews is not registered for this machine and, if applicable, will indicate the number of additional days the unregistered copy will continue to run. You may choose to register in one of two ways: you may use the EViews auto registration features by clicking on Auto Registration Selecting either of the these two options will open a dialog prompting you for additional information.

On a Windows machine, you can choose to delay software registration by clicking on the I will register later button. If you select this option and the grace period has not expired, EViews will close the dialog and will operate in the usual fashion. In this way you can use your unregistered copy of EViews as though it were fully registered. If, however, the grace period has expired, your copy of EViews will not run until it is registered. Auto Registration If your computer is connected to the Internet, auto registration makes registering EViews a snap.

Simply click on the Auto Registration EViews will fill out as many fields in this dialog as possible. If you wish to continue with the auto registration process, make sure that the entries in the Serial and Name fields are filled in with the relevant information. When you click on the Register now button, EViews will attempt to contact one of our registration servers and, if successful, will transmit the information contained in the dialog to the server.

The server will process the information and the machine will be registered to run EViews.

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You should see a message indicating that registration was completed successfully, along with the number of machines that have been registered to the serial number. If you do not wish to continue with auto registration, click on the Exit without registering button and you will be returned to the main registration screen. Note that there are some circumstances in which auto registration will fail. Obviously, auto registration will not work if the computer is not connected to the Internet.

If registration fails, you should first verify that you have Internet access. Second, your computer may be behind a firewall which does not allow the required communication between your computer and our servers. Furthermore, while unlikely, it is possible that all of our registration servers are temporarily unresponsive.

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If you continue to have problems with auto registration, you can choose to register manually as described in the next section, or you can contact us for assistance. Manual Registration If auto registration fails or if you prefer not to use the automatic registration features, you may elect to register manually. From the main registration page, click on Manual Registration You must fill in the three fields in the dialog: the 2-character serial number, your name, and a character registration key you must first obtain via web browser, phone, or email.

EViews will help you by filling in as many fields as possible. The easiest method of retrieving the registration key is via web browser. Follow the links to the registration page, and fill in the form. Enter your name, serial number, and the machine ID number as displayed in this registration dialog into the form. Click on the Submit the form button. You will be provided with the character registration key.

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Once you have obtained the key, return to the registration dialog in EViews. Make certain that you have entered your name and serial number exactly as provided when you obtained the registration key, and enter the key in the registration key box. Click OK to finish the registration process.

Note that you should be able to copy-and-paste the registration key information from your browser into the dialog edit fields. If all of the information is entered correctly, you will be informed that your registration is complete. If you do not have access to a working web browser, you can contact our office via email, phone, or standard post to obtain the key: IHS Global Inc.

Please provide a registration name, full character serial number, and the machine ID number.


We will then provide you with the character registration key. If you receive the key via email, you should be able to copy-and-paste the key information into the dialog edit fields. EViews Student Version and 2 more programs. For questions regarding installation and registration of EViews. Found 7 results for Eviews For Mac. Full version downloads available, all hosted on high speed servers! Download servers online:. EViews 7 Student Version for Windows and Mac "…an inexpensive version of EViews 7 targeted for instructional use in the areas of econometric analysis, forecasting.

Eviews 7 free download Eviews 7 trial Eviews 7 free trial download Eviews free trial Eviews 3. EViews 7 Student Version Download. Thank you for your purchase of EViews 7 Student Version. You may download the Student Version program using one of the two links. Next Post: htc remote ndis network adapter driver.

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You will see the screen below.

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Please see details about our new University Edition. You will be asked if you want to run in Demo mode. Start the app, and then enter the P2P Account page.

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